• Info

    We are a family owned business in operation in San Antonio since 2004. Specializing in IT and web, Mainframe Computers places honesty and integrity above the bottom line.
  • Services

    Mainframe Computers provides many services. We do networking, virus removal, websites, and more! Can we fix it? That's why we're here!
  • Webdesign

    Feel free to browse our portfolio to see our work. We do e-commerce websites, wordpress blogs, sites that you can update yourself, or just static pages! Whatever you need we aim to please!
  • Networking

    Did you ask a “Geek” a simple question only to be sold a D11 reverse router to transfer Unix protocols so your kids could play Xbox? Call us first. We're techs, not salespeople.
  • Help

    Having trouble setting up your e-mail for Time Warner, or AT&T? Check here for your server settings! If you need free anti-virus software, check our links!
  • Open Source

    Why do people create new and free software? Because, generally, people are awesome. Verified virus and spyware free.