February 24, 2015

Graphics Design Portfolio

Graphic Design

Along with websites, Mainframe Computers can also come up with a custom logo for your company or business. Mainframe Computers will provide you with the original source files for your logo, print quality, so you can have them reprinted on shirts, business cards etc. We work hard to incorporate all of your ideas into the logo, while at the same time trying to maintain good design ideas.

Donna Chance - Watermark
Then client wanted a watermark for her photography work. She liked the idea of a butterfly, and her initials made some very nice butterfly wings!
Speed Scene Wiring - Wordmark
This is more of a wordmark than a logo, but the request was for a gorilla to represent the site.
Allen's Foundation Roofing & Remodeling - Logo
The client was very specific about requirements for this logo. It had to be encircled with text; be red, white, and blue; contain the Texas shape; and have a house on it. I believe I met all requirements in a simple and concise manner.
Comprehensive Foot Care - Logo
I created this logo to be simple, yet poignant. It represents healthcare for the feet in the simplest manner, whole matching with the theme of the site.