February 24, 2015

New and custom computer configuration to fit your specific needs

Old computer not up to par anymore? We custom build computers to meet your needs. Want to use your old CD ROM, monitor, mouse, and keyboard? No problem! We customize your new PC to your needs as well as to your budget. At the other end of the spectrum, we can build you a powerhouse of a PC to take on all of your gaming needs. Whatever you need to do with your PC, we will strive to meet those needs within your budget. When we build a PC, we don’t get paid by any companies to load it with junk programs that all run on startup. Your computer will have only the programs you have asked for!

If you have already purchased a new PC and need help cleaning off all of the junk programs that came bundled along with it we do that too! Manufacturers get paid to pre-install programs that you never asked for on your new PC, and they slow it down. Removing all of the unnecessary junk both saves space and speeds up your computer.