Pricing Guide

There are so many different graphic projects that are possible, only the most common will be included in the price breakdown.


Creating a logo$119.00

This entails discussing with the client and creating a logo that will portray the ideas and concepts of the company.  The logo will typically be a vector logo.  It will be customized to the specific needs of the client, whether for web or print, or both.  Along with a full color version of the logo, grey-scale as well as black and white versions are also created.  This way the logo can be used on printouts and faxes.


Vectorizing a logo$79.00

If you have  a logo, but need it to be able to be re-sized to print on shirts, signs, flyers, billboards, etc., we can do it!  Vectorizing an already existing logo is basically like making a new one, each line, arc, spiral, gradient and all of the text has to be re-drawn and color matched.


Websites – Example Web Contract

5% – Initial Fee
50% – Layout/Template Design Fee
25% – Software/Database Setup Fee (if no database is required, this is discounted)
10% – Content Input fee (provided by The Client)
10% – Upload/Setup Fee
Hourly charge – Additional Modules/Plug-ins
$79.00 – Google Site Monitoring Apps Fee (Analytics/Webmaster Tools)
$119.00 – Setup Business Listings Fee (Google/Yahoo/MSN)

General Fees that are subject to change.
(These rates will be locked for one year after completion of site)

$5.00 – Per product entered into an e-commerce site (over the first 10)
$79.00 per hour – Approximation for fees for adding modules to e-commerce/CMS/gallery/etc. sites. (Usually 1 hour is sufficient.)