August 18, 2014

Websites that have been created or customized by Mainframe Computers

We strive to maintain a balance between what the client wants, good design, and keeping up with all of the new and developing technologies. Here are some examples of previous work, and information on what we can accomplish for you!


These are websites designed by Mainframe Computers. The sites are all customized to the specific needs of the client. Whether it be a content management system (CMS) so that the client can edit the pages themselves, or an e-commerce store, we aim to meet the wishes of all of our clients. A website can be as simple and informative, or robust and feature rich as you need or want!
For this website, the client already had his theme picked out, I just assisted in getting the technical side of setting up the pages. I also installed and configured plugins to integrate his posts with social media platforms such as facebook.
Total Dental Health / Dr. Paul S. Linnemann DDS PA
This site was taken over recently. We converted it to a WordPress site, so the client could manage it themselves. Also, we created a responsive web template, as well as one specific for handheld devices. Only the logo was in existence, and we chose a nice earth-tone theme to go with their new re-design of their office.
Speed Scene Wiring
This site is one that I have re-designed many times. It originally had great ranking, so we didn't want to change the format of it too much. This year, however, ranking started slipping so we took the leap and re-designed it on the front-end as well as the back-end. We went for a minimalist look.
Allen's Foundation, Roofing, & Remodeling
Beginning with creating a logo, the work expanded into developing a website. We have recently overhauled the site to be responsive and mobile friendly.
Comprehensive Foot Care
For this website I was given full creative control. There was no logo in existence, so I got to create it all. The purpose of this site is to get information to the patients. A mobile site was not requested, and copy has yet to be fully provided.
Shop The Shoe Club
This was a re-design for a website that I had previously set up for the client. The first site was a clone from another host because the client wanted to be able to manage the store themselves. Their brick-and-mortar store was undergoing a remodel, so it was time for the site to get one too! With the modern clean look, the massive amount of products on this site, can now take the center stage.